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Whether you need boulders or masonry sand for your building and masonry projects or you are looking to include pea stone in your playground or landscaping, we have the specific sand and gravel to meet your needs.


When you choose Lewiston Sand and Gravel INC. of Lewiston, MI for all your sand and gravel needs, you always ge fast and friendly services. We can also transport materials from other locations.

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The best sand and gravel for your next project

  • Boulders

  • Rocks

  • State 2ns sand

  • 2ns sand

  • 23A gravel

  • 22A gravel

  • Rainstone

  • Cedar and

  • Red mulch

  • Pea stone

  • 6A natural

  • Screen sand

  • Mason sand

  • Beach sand

  • Fill

  • Screened and unscreen topsoil

  • 23 A limestone

  • 60/40 mix

Begin Your Construction Project With The Best Materials

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